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easy, breezy, beautiful

Posted in fashion by wideawakethoughts on February 28, 2010

Word on the street is that issue five of London-based online magazine Glossy is currently available for free here. I am honoured to be featured between the pages; Intern Diaries documents my work experience at Lutece Productions in New York.


worn & torn

Posted in fashion by wideawakethoughts on February 26, 2010

Bianca Spender blazer, sass & bide bodysuit, customised vintage shorts, Urban Outfitters bag, heels from Target.

Take a pair of vintage mens jeans, douse them in bleach and proposition them with sandpaper and within a handful of hours you have the perfect pair of boyfriend shorts. You should have seen these babies before; as indigo as the night. If bespoke is the new luxury, I’m proud to note that my designer denim comes worn and torn by hand.

busy doing nothing in particular

Posted in fashion by wideawakethoughts on February 24, 2010

You’ll have to pardon my silence; I’ve been keeping busy doing nothing in particular. For the first time in what feels like forever, I have lost track of the days and forgotten what it feels like to keep tabs on the hours. I’ve read entire books instead of just pages and spent a whole day editing my wardrobe.

Batman and I even spent a lazy afternoon lost at our local Westfield, stalking through the chain stores and shopping up a storm at Target. Somewhere between the confectionary aisle and a rack of Bonds t-shirts I spied this pair of black platforms; perfectly rounded, oh so elevated and comfortable beyond words.

light as air

Posted in fashion by wideawakethoughts on February 17, 2010

Infectious smiles are rarely synonymous with fashion but the team behind this year’s L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival are breaking all the rules with a light as air campaign that elevates the consumer experience like never before; the 2010 festival strikes a bold pose on the digital runway with its sophisticated use of new media. Chauntel Scarr, General Manager of Marketing and Communications for LMFF and I did a little social networking of our own and spoke of how the Festival is using new media to bring fashion forward.

The campaign creative for LMFF is strikingly on trend; what were the inspirations behind the styling and messages?

The theme for the 2010 festival is Get Happy! Inspired by the Festival’s success in creating a sense of delight amongst the fashion community, we wanted the imagery to inspire people to celebrate fashion. Both of our beautiful models are smiling, often a rarity in fashion, and portray energetic emotion. The past twelve months have seen a cultural and economic shift for the industry, so the LMFF campaign message is optimistic and inclusive.

The fashion industry at large has been slow to embrace new media however LMFF has a dedicated Digital Committee; why the emphasis on new media?

In 2010 LMFF really wanted to create as many opportunities for people to experience the Festival as possible. Consumer centric fashion events need to offer more than runway events; adding exciting online content such as LMFF TV, a blog and various social networking elements meant more touch points for the Festival. Our Digital Committee works tirelessly to build interactive connections between the Festival and its fans. New media is the perfect channel and we are delighted with the response so far.

What role has Twitter played in the digital strategy of LMFF?

Twitter has been fantastic. From alerting our followers to news and listening to the fashion public, Twitter helps us have an even better dialogue with consumers. One thing we’ve used Twitter for that’s been really great is broadcasting when our team attends other fashion events around the world. Festival Chairman Laura Anderson was tweeting her thoughts from front-row at New York Fashion Week and our Strategic Liaison Fay Nwokobia did the same when in Auckland. Twitter will also be used heavily during the Festival to recruit followers to attend LMFF free events and activities.

What role will bloggers play in relation to LMFF?

Our official blog will be featuring contributions from two Australian bloggers; Kate Vandermeer and Paul Hayes. We really want the blog to be a source of unique perspectives on LMFF and can’t wait to read what Kate and Paul write. We have worked very hard to understand and foster relationships with the fashion blogosphere both in Australia and internationally. The attendance of FASHIONAIR’s Sojin Lee for our Business Seminar and Linlee Allen at the Designer Forum will be incredible; both are pioneers in relation to fashion online. The agenda of the Business Seminar focuses on the future of fashion and we recognize and embrace that bloggers play a key role in this future.

LMFF boasts an official iPhone application; what are the features and how does it deliver upon the digital strategy of LMFF?

LMFF have built an application that provided real value to users and creates opportunities to experience the Festival in new ways. It’s a program of events, a photo and video gallery, a source for information on designers and even has some really nifty social networking features. You can link your Facebook and Twitter accounts to it and even use it as a way to locate your friend if you get separated at an LMFF event. Another great feature is the ability to use the iPhone’s GPS capability to locate the closest place to buy your favourite designer’s fashion, straight after you see that perfect dress on the runway; there’s nothing like instant gratification!

Which designers are you most excited about seeing appear on the runway at LMFF?

The return of Michael Angel will be amazing so we can’t wait for L’Oréal Paris Runway 7. Everyone at LMFF has their favourites but we hold a special place for up-and-coming talent; especially designers featured in Metamorphosis presented by Sportsgirl and Independent Runway presented by Network Ten. These designers are the future of Australian fashion and we are proud to provide an opportunity to showcase their work. We can hardly wait for all the free events such as Sidewalk presented by the Herald Sun and City of Melbourne, Style Celebration presented by Spotlight and Target Rocks Red Market; LMFF have over 100 events taking place over March which explores fashion in all its guises, no matter what your style.

cigarette smoke will follow

Posted in fashion by wideawakethoughts on February 15, 2010

images courtesy of fashionista.com

One of my deepest regrets is that I was too young to experience the fashion mood of the 90’s. 90210 is a blur, Nirvana is a distant whisper and grunge was a style reserved only for the older girls.

In my memories I’m fascinated by the girls of the 90’s. When my mind is clear enough I can close my eyes and see them hanging outside the Sportsgirl store in the Canberra shopping centre, reaching into their tiny backpacks for their Mac Spice lip pencil and powder compacts. Denim jackets slouch across their skinny shoulders and pinstripes compete with velvet accents. A bare midriff isn’t out of place and where ever they go, cigarette smoke will follow.

Pouring through Polaroids snapped backstage at Alexander Wang AW10 it seems that the 23 year old designer and I share the same memories. Not a pop colour in sight, his elfin army sport slick side parted hair and all shades of grunge. Cool girls, as if plucked from suburban shopping centers themselves, provide the perfect canvas for the ultimate 90’s showcase brought to life on a runway; the perfect encore for those of us who missed out the first time.

fashion weak

Posted in fashion by wideawakethoughts on February 11, 2010

images of Alexander Wang’s studio courtesy of The Selby

In the frenzied lead up to New York Fashion Week, it seems there is a quiet revolution taking place behind the scenes. The conversation that surrounded Alexander McQueen and his decision to stream his other-worldy runway parade in real time over the internet has barely become a whispered memory and already countless designers are electing to stream shows of their own.

The Cut blog has reported that Alexander Wang, Calvin Klein, G-Star Raw, Rodarte and Marc Jacobs will be streaming their runways shows live from the catwalk at NYFW. As a fashion marketer and self-professed advocate of new media I feel like I should be penning each online event into my diary with excitement, but I can’t help but feel a little apprehensive.

One of the first posts I ever wrote for my blog posed thoughts on the speed of new media and its effects on the fashion industry. I wrote the post, A Reflection, in response to thoughts that crept into my mind after I saw The September Issue film, musing that the speed of new media such as Twitter is contradictory to the integrity of the fashion industry at large. I consider this discussion more relevant than ever given the immediacy of a live show stream.

backstage at Rodarte, image courtesy of Fashionista.com

On one hand, streaming their runway show on their own terms allows a designer to reclaim some control of the conversation that takes place about their brand during and in the moments after a show, without relying on those in the front row to do the tweeting. Each of the confirmed show streamers plan to do so via their own branded websites, with the exception of Alexander Wang and Rodarte (who have chosen to stream via ShowStudio.com). Showcasing the clothes directly to the masses lets the clothing speak for itself, in a language that is as on brand and as on message for the collection as it could possible be; streaming a collection live from the runway is an authentic reveal.

That said, exposing a consumer to a collection a season before it even becomes available to order, let alone touch or try on, is a dangerous flirtation. Starting a trend that can’t be bought into immediately is frustrating for consumers who have been conditioned by a culture of immediacy by the very same media channels that bring them the live stream in the first place. The time it takes for a designer to fill orders and produce enough pieces to fill the orders that pour in post fashion week is an eternity compared to the time it takes for a high street store to produce an army of replicas, and most consumers won’t bother holding out for the real thing.

There’s no doubt that new media is a critical ingredient of the fashion marketing mix, but with so much conversation still to be had, is the speed of online communication outpacing the motion of the fashion industry?

seconds before

Posted in fashion by wideawakethoughts on February 8, 2010

bianca spender blazer, sass & bide pants and bodysuit, vintage armoured belt, mimco chain mail bag.

Not quite Abbey-Lee, although I have taken a shine to my newly hued ash blonde ends. I wanted to impress you so I spent a half hour after work straightening my hair. Seconds before Kevin snapped these shots it started to rain just enough to catch in my fringe; I shrugged off the clouds, lately I’ve been in the mood for a thunderstorm. I find I write best in the moments before the lightning and the thunder make themselves at home; perhaps its the pressure.

wish you were here

Posted in fashion by wideawakethoughts on February 4, 2010

images courtesy of Glossy Magazine.

Take a sneak peek at Glossy Magazine; a London-based online publication that blends the latest in style and fashion by profiling the up and comers of the new fashion order.

As unpretentious as it is unique, the collective behind Issue Five has casted a superb array of bloggers, models, photographers and designers to produce the chicest PDF you can imagine, available for purchase for just a handful of dollars. For those of you who crave burnt-out beach hues, whimsical roadside encounters, whispered conversation and Alexander Wang, the investment is worth every penny.

A few weeks before I left to intern in New York City, Editor in Chief Tallulah Doherty sent me a love letter and asked me to keep a diary of my experiences. A few months and several pages of messy cursive later and I’ve found myself in digital print. Just in case your postcard got lost in the mail, here is my account of the city that never sleeps.

natural light & neon brights

Posted in fashion by wideawakethoughts on February 3, 2010

images courtesy of Vogue Australia.

Surfs up in the March issue of Vogue Australia, with an editorial that sees bohemian muse du jour Abbey Lee Kershaw riding the electric wave on Bondi Beach. I’m usually more of a black / bone/ nude hued kind of girl but neon flashes have been on my radar since Tom Binns streaked across the accessory set with his crystal cuff bracelets with wild as the night fluro accents.

Fed up with shaggy beach blonde, on set hair stylist Kevin Murphy spun the colour wheel and dip dyed Lee’s strands with intense MAC pigments. Inspired, I phoned my hairdresser and booked an appointment to have a dip dye of my own. No flamingo strands for me though; true to my neutral preferences I’m thinking a cool ash blonde.