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printed whispers

Posted in fashion by wideawakethoughts on December 28, 2009

sass & bide bodysuit, pants, and anklet (worn as a bib necklace), Mimco bag and Aldo boots. photography by Kevin.

A day off from work calls for playtime! I finally had a chance to have a rummage at the Boxing Day sales and found this incredible bodysuit. The print makes my heart flutter and head spin but it speaks my language and gets along surprisingly well with the rest of my wardrobe.


teeny tiny small

Posted in 1 by wideawakethoughts on December 27, 2009

images courtesy of chadwick models

The incredible Australian model Grace Small. A former Russh cover girl, Small has made it big and currently spends her days playing muse to photographer Viktor Vauthier. Say cheese…

more than this

Posted in 1 by wideawakethoughts on December 26, 2009

vintage sequin top, sass & bide pants, Acne heels, Urban Outfitters bag & scattered jewellery. photography by Kevin.

When it comes to embellishment I usually prefer subtle hints over dramatic shout outs but I couldn’t pass up the incredible print of this sequinned number. I can’t decide if it looks like fire or an animal print of some kind but regardless it lights up my night and purrs on my skin.

the heat is on

Posted in fashion by wideawakethoughts on December 23, 2009

images courtesy of models.com

Russh Australia brings the heat with a steamy beach-side photo shoot featuring Erin Heartherton and Jacquelyn Jablonski wrapped in Proenza Schouler’s signature body con pieces.

I apologize for not posting more about my New York trip… I have a little something in the works, but  I have had a few emails from readers who are curious about the best places to shop. I have put together a list in case any of you are planning a New York City visit any time soon.

Bergdorf Goodman was the most luxurious department store I have ever experienced. My friend printed me the floor plan to take with me and I politely thanked her whilst secretly thinking it wouldn’t be necessary. I got lost somewhere between Alexander Wang and Alberta Ferretti… take your passport (they have a discount for travelers) and a compass.

Takishimaya on 5th Avenue is the most incredible Japanese department store. I had Easton Pearson flashbacks when I ran my fingers through a tray of brightly hued accessories.

The Prada store on Broadway in Soho is breathtaking. Just go and see to say you did.

Keep a look out for pop up stores, they are hidden away in almost every street. Kevin and I found an incredible one in Soho between Broadway and Lafayette that had a host of Mike & Chris leather jackets for pennies.

Urban Outfitters is well priced and strikingly on trend. I found an amazing suede bag unlike anything I had ever seen in Australia and it cost about as much as it would to ship it home to me.

Peek in at the Acne studio on Greene Street and the Opening Ceremony store around the corner. Go to the Acne store first… they have maps that show you how to get to Opening Ceremony.

If you have shopped in New York, where did you go?

full metal jacket

Posted in 1 by wideawakethoughts on December 22, 2009

I can hardly believe that Luxirare can make this look so easy…

the delicate hour

Posted in fashion by wideawakethoughts on December 21, 2009

sass & bide skirt and top, Bianca Spender blazer, Sportsgirl belt, Acne shoes & Mimco bag. photography by Kevin.

Monday morning brought a calm that was at odds with my energy. My body is still jet lagged from my New York City trip but my mind just can’t sit still. I’m up at all hours, sculpting thoughts and plotting my course. I’ve never felt more inspired or more awake.

I can’t put my finger on when it all changed; it could have been the first day of my internship or it could have been the moment I stepped off the plane and back into the country. It could have even been the plans I made for a NYC adventure on the morning before the night when I won the tickets overseas (which, I suppose, was probably the most profound moment of them all).

The chain mail bag was perfect timing. Delicate mesh hovers by my side and flows like a conversation whilst the layers of metal weigh in as toughened armour; my new side kick.


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images courtesy of ManiaMania via Anywho

Lured from the pages of Grazia then poured onto the catwalk at Zimmerman comes ManiaMania, the mystic collection from ex Russh stylist Tamila Purvis and art director Melanie Kamsler.

The pieces were dreamily inspired by the 1973 cult film The Holy Mountain by Alejandro Jodorowsky. Fragile pieces run alongside molten metal and are encrusted with calcite crystal. Like the experimental film treatments of Jodorowsky’s era and genre, ManiaMania’s first collection hints at crystal filtered light.

Yes, please.


Posted in 1 by wideawakethoughts on December 17, 2009

Grace Coddington is the kind of stylist who weaves reality into dreams, transforming a structured photographic spread into a delicate narrative. She first caught my eye in The September Issue documentary and I’ve been curious about her ever since.

Quietly assured and softly spoken, Coddington pours artistic integrity into the pages while not being swept up in the celebrity frenzy that seems synonymous with fashion these days. Fashionologie whispers that Coddington is in talks to produce her book Catwalk Cats into a film.

“Do you ever see me giving interviews? I’m never one of those people talking into a microphone at the end of a show. I’m not prepared to crush some poor designer who’s just spent six months slaving over a collection. I think it’s horrible and they all [the pundits] talk about themselves. Plus, the questions are so stupid . . . I hate trends. And you know the question they always ask me at shows; ‘What’s the latest trend?’”

I’m dying to hear more from this woman. Imagine the stories she could tell.

images courtesy of hanelli, racked.com & obsessee.typepad

all american dree

Posted in fashion by wideawakethoughts on December 16, 2009

Dree Hemingway plays around for the November 2009 issue of V Magazine. images courtesy of Design Scene.

editor’s letter

Posted in fashion by wideawakethoughts on December 15, 2009

Fashion magazines weave the business of selling fashion into the impulses of the consumers, but they also whisper secrets. Standing in front of a rack of foreign fashion magazines makes my head spin and my heart flutter. Peeking between the covers, I get so curious to find out what goes on amongst the pages in different cities.

New York is the centre of fashion media; not only the home of the Hearst and Condé Nast empires but also host to a frenzied atmosphere that breeds countless local fashion and culture magazines. Since each speaks to its own collective of readers, a glance of the magazines on offer at once give clues to the fashion mood of consumers and often hint at their style influences.

Each morning, on my way to work at my internship, at I would pass the Conde Nast building in a cab and wonder if ever a New Yorker has travelled to Australia, introduced themselves to our Frankie, our Russh, or the Australian relatives of  Vogue and Harpers and felt inspired.

A handful of days later I got my answer. Last night I read that Time Magazine has named Vogue Australia’s 50th anniversary September issue as one of the top 10 magazine covers of 2009. The issue featured four different covers which showcased striking illustrations of Cate Blanchett (posing in Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen) by renowned illustrator David Downton.

It seems that Aussie style can indeed hold its own against the endless host of international magazines. And even make a New Yorker’s fashion heart skip a beat.