W I D E A W A K E thoughts

in the house and around the garden at eleven minutes to eleven

Posted in 1 by wideawakethoughts on October 8, 2009


wide awake thoughts

wide awake thoughts

wide awake thoughts

wide awake thoughts

wide awake thoughts

My dear friend Alice is in the final stages of production for her first capsule collection. Her label May provokes fantastical contradictions … her clothes whisper and shout at once, murmuring of magic and transformation.

She is currently awake at all hours, braiding / binding / shredding / threading / creating and sometimes crying.

In her frenzied weeks, Alice found time to show me the other side of fashion. Her layered notions reveal a built state of escape – ironically the product of hours and hours spent in her workroom.

She looked on with exhausted anticipation as I played dress ups.


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  1. Cousin jess x said, on January 29, 2010 at 1:25 pm

    Hey babe, I’ve been reading your blog and absolutely loving it…I’ve just realised though that I did the makeup for the Frock Paper Scissors shoot featuring Alice’s clothing! Small world!!

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