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the cold shoulder

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photography by Kevin.

I have lusted after these Sam Edelman Zoe ankle boots since they first hit the scene in 2006. By the time a pair arrived on my doorstep a few days ago I greeted them like an old friend. I broke the ice by complimenting them (*you look so fresh after such a long journey*) and offered them a spot on my couch. Not content to waste the afternoon, they insisted we go for a stroll around the neighbourhood. The breeze set the tempo as the sun went down and I stood in silence as the Zoes did the talking.


russh nov / dec 09

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russh fashion_resized

hanging out_resized


pink braid_resized

 images courtesy of RUSSH Australia.

I swear this magazine can do no wrong.

the essentials

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So here is what I had in my bag today … Miu Miu pouchette, Batiste dry shampoo, my two favourite nail polishes, vintage Balenciaga sunglasses, random trinket jewellery, Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, Yves Saint Laurent lipgloss in tres nude, a photobooth strip of Kevin and I from our last trip to Paris and a notebook from my friend Gracie (on the cover it reads ‘All my  thoughts and the heart talks’ … super cute). The magazine is an Autumn UK Harpers (hoping to get some inspiration for cold weather wearing). Bag by Zimmerman, it has seen better days.

later tonight i’ll dream of you

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SS 2010- Maison Martin Margiela

Balmain SS10, Maison Martin Margiela SS10 and scattered imagery courtesy of style.com, ilovewildfox.blogspot and pause.se

cold cold sun

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Acne boyfriend jeans, Ellery bodysuit, sass & bide jacket, Acne Beat heels.

I have had the most unbelievable couple of weeks…  I won tickets to LA, started my blog, featured in Grazia and scored work experience in New York. A fairytale? Without a doubt. I can hardly sleep.

So instead of counting sheep at night, I lie awake and frustrate myself by trying to limit the clothing I plan to pack to fifteen items (including shoes). What ever works, right?


oh my my … acne beat heels

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acne beat heel wide awake thoughts fashion

acne beat heel shoe wide awake thoughts fashion

acne beat heel shoe wide awake thoughts fashion

acne beat heel shoe wide awake thoughts fashion

Bianca Spender blazer, Zimmermann bodysuit, Acne trousers and Acne Beat heels

i only have eyes for you

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marni studded bone ring

marni studded bone ring

the incredible studded bone ring by Marni. images by Netaporter.

fashion statement

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I love making mood boards, but cutting up my pretty magazines breaks my heart. Cue my latest online crush, Polyvore.

Polyvore is an interactive online platform that allows users to envision and create collages of fashion product images sourced from various online stores.  These collages are then shared through Twitter, Facebook and amongst members of the Polyvore community. Each image is labelled with the name of the product and attached price plus is hyperlinked to the online store.

Polyvore lets me play fashion editor … I carefully edit my collections, selecting from a plethora of designer products (typically I browse jackets first, shoes second) and mixing with high street denim and accessories.  Building an outfit can take me minutes, hours or days.

By encouraging users to assemble their own look books based on their product selection and personal style, Polyvore has crafted the ultimate marketing tool for fashion brands. There is no better way to encourage a consumer to become a brand advocate then enabling them to own a piece of your brand, whether it be in the real or virtual conscious. Establishing a presence in the collective of their mental ‘must have’ list is subtle brand building at its best

polyvore fashion marketing wide awake thoughts

Julien Macdonald Gem-embellished suede jacket, Alexander Wang cropped sweatpants, Daydream Collar necklace, Yves Saint Laurent Divine platforms, Proenza Schouler studded leather boots, sass & bide embellished dress, Marni studded bone ring.

Allowing Polyvore to use images rather freely has stirred up some debate regarding copyright and intellectual property and there is merit to the argument that brands who feature on Polyvore lose a degree of control over their messaging. However, by allowing consumers to merchandise fashion products without the constraint or rigidity that retail store platforms impose on consumers creates opportunities for high end labels to be alligned with high street brands; creating a language that makes sense to the new order of consumers and making the product seem more attainable and more attractive.

Not just a medium for high street labels, Net-a-Porter was quick to harness the viral power of Polyvore when it hosted the Runway Reporter competition two years ago.  Online fashionistas were charged with creating their own look using a minimum of four pieces from the Net-a-Porter catalogue. The competition generated over 2000 entries, with the majority of those shared by proud stylists amongst their own social networks… one can only guess how many direct click throughs and sales can be attributed, not to mention the increase in database membership.

Aside from traffic generation and advertising, Polyvore represents what fashion marketers have been waiting for – a trackable, measurable showcase for their brand. Listen to your consumer collective – look out for trends and patterns in Polyvore posts. Does your product feature, how often and if not, why?

Polyvore could potentially be the perfect social media retail outlet for fashion brands. Fashion is never sold as an item, yet rather as one piece of the wearer’s style signature. Polyvore can get consumers excited about products – the perfect balance of social engagement and aspirational discussion.


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sass and bide wide awake thoughts

sass and bide wide awake thoughts

sass and bide wide awake thoughts

Welcome back Katia … I missed having you around. Bisous my friend!

vintage Balenciaga sunglasses, sass & bide dress, sass & bide top, Bianca Spender blazer, Acne flats, vintage tribal anklet.

in the house and around the garden at eleven minutes to eleven

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wide awake thoughts

wide awake thoughts

wide awake thoughts

wide awake thoughts

wide awake thoughts

My dear friend Alice is in the final stages of production for her first capsule collection. Her label May provokes fantastical contradictions … her clothes whisper and shout at once, murmuring of magic and transformation.

She is currently awake at all hours, braiding / binding / shredding / threading / creating and sometimes crying.

In her frenzied weeks, Alice found time to show me the other side of fashion. Her layered notions reveal a built state of escape – ironically the product of hours and hours spent in her workroom.

She looked on with exhausted anticipation as I played dress ups.